A lifelong disconnection and feeling of homelessness turned out to an art project about an abandoned house. Behind the palm tree there is an oldoldvilla; unsolved mystery, building in the empty desert. It is whispering endless questions. What has happened? What's the piece that is missing?

Finally, the pain transforms into a connection. Dreams, unspoken words and joy are blending together -and suddenly there is new, light air to breathe. There are no memories -just the present moment and a brighter future.

a small b-i-o

Ilona is an independent multimedia-artist and explorer in the empty desert.

She says: "The whole environment in the project is actually a virtual world, made in a 3D-software. I started modeling the villa around a few years ago without knowing what to do with it. Then I realized it isn't just an abandoned house, it tells also a story of disconnection and finding a true home. I treat the building as if it was real. I'm a virtual photographer in the empty desert, finding something new each day of that abandoned house".